Warmigloo's design studio is based in the beautiful Staffordshire Moorlands, headed by Creative Director Chris Thompson we have also collaborated with other organisations and individuals to create visual feasts from 9ft Knights to interiors. We've also included some of Chris's own art projects and illustrations that have proven popular.

We have worked with numerous schools, libraries, charities, art centres and groups to put on original and fun workshops.

These are small selection workshops we've put on in the past.

Fantastical Birds

Fantastical Aliens

Giant Parade Puppet

Making Basic Drawing Skills

Lantern Parade Mono Print and Collage Cuttlefish Castings Screen Printing for Industry

We can also tailor a workshop to suit your group. Who we have worked with Unit Twelve Gallery Rethink Borderland Voices

Foxlowe Arts Centre

Endon High School

Leek School of Art Gaddum and Gaddum Ltd

Sunday Supplement Market Churnet View Middle School Woodcroft Primary School Leek First School Urban Vision Totally Locally Leek North Staffs Carers Association

Leek Town Council

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council

Staffordshire County Council